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400 Central Ave  Suite 003  Northfield, IL 60093        

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Saturday Dec 15

12p - 1p

Lutheran Church of the Ascension in Northfield




Sunday Dec 16

12p - 3p

210 in Highwood


Recitals are what you might think of as a traditional music recital. Performers are asked to dress a bit nicer, the venue is a bit more formal, and there is an attentive audience during performances. Students perform solo or with an accompanist (typically their instructor). All ages of students on any instruments are welcome to perform, but drummers are restricted to snare solos (as a full drum kit is not provided).


Showcases are full on concerts. Stage, lights, sound, food and drinks. Students can perform as a solo act, with their instructor, with their own band, or with any combination of our instructors as a backing band. Almost any set up possible. We will make it happen. All ages of students on any instruments are welcome to perform.


Participation in Recitals and Showcases is completely free, and performing is exclusive to active NSMI students and instructors (except for groups performing with a mix of NSMI and non-NSMI members).

Admission for audience members is completely free for Recitals and Showcases. Bring as many friends and family as you like. They are both a lot of fun


More Opportunities may be available to perform at local events, private events, street festivals, and more. These opportunities are by invitation only and require performers with a solid level of musical proficiency, established set lists, and the ability to operate without the assistance and guidance of NSMI staff. Students who prove they can operate independently and conduct themselves in a professional manner may be offered opportunities for these performances. Performers must provide all their own equipment.


(how it works)



All performances are broken up into one hour blocks. A confirmed time means the student will be performing some time during that one hour block. It could be near the beginning, middle, or end, but we do our best to ensure performances run on time and the student will perform in their requested time block. After signing up below we will be in touch to confirm that the requested time is still available, or offer alternative options.


Any student can request to perform one or two pieces, but two pieces are not guaranteed and depends on a variety of factors.

We do our best to provide the opportunity for each student to perform one piece per instrument actively studied at NSMI, but it is also not guaranteed. We can only ensure that each student with a confirmed time will perform one piece.

Priority is given to students taking continous lessons, and discontinuing lessons before a performance date forfeits any reservation or confirmation.


If a student does not intend to perform after signing up just let us know. It's no problem.

As much notice as possible is appreciated, as performances typically end up with a waitlist of other students hoping to perform.

Piece selection, instrumentation, accompaniment, and all other arrangements will be made leading up to the performance.


Just scroll down to sign up. Thanks.

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NSMI reserves sole and exclusive decision making rights for any and all NSMI related operations and activities

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